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Base unit

Better all round: HANSABLUEBOX

The new HANSA universal concealed mounting system. 100% detailed quality,
100% professional orientation, 100% customer satisfaction

Performance in abundance

4x 1/2" for the rotationally symmetrical HANSABLUEBOX base unit.
If desired 3/4" for even more performance with stopcocks for special

Optimized installation spacing and flexible installation depth

Optimized for installation: 31mm spacing from wall and generous clearance
From 75mm - 105mm at installation depth

BLUEFIX fixing system

No base on which the HANSABLUEBOX cannot be mounted
thanks to the highly flexible MULTIFIX system

We make life easy for you

Support points for the spirit level, the spine for marking
dry wall panels and cutting ribs to guide the blade: Perfect
working conditions in every installation phase

Base unit
Base unit

BLUESWITCH function units

Play safe

Bolted function units with captive screws for complete
installation reliability

The very best. In every product. The ceramic BLUESWITCH diverter

All function units are equipped with the ceramic
BLUESWITCH diverter. Quality and comfort for the customer.
Diverter and volume control combined in a single function unit. Perfect for your needs.

Guaranteed according to standards: The vacuum breaker

The installation of UP units when the bathtub spouts are at a distance is strictly governed
by standards. HANSABLUEBOX easily meets these standards with an
installation height of 240mm

The command centre: Lever mixer and thermostat with minimal projection

Besides being highly functional, the control elements of the HANSABLUEBOX
are also very comfortable. The proven EHM control cartridges and the new thermostats have
an almost identical projection of max. 94mm

BLUESWITCH function units
BLUESWITCH function units

BLUECLICK concealed collar fixing

Perfect seating on all substrates: The BLUECLICK concealed collar fixing

The new concealed collar carrier can be easily connected to the base unit and securely fixes the
collars with the 6 multipoint flush adapters to the wall.
Screwless. Strong. Reversible.

Telescopic diverter connection for perfect mounting

The spring-mounted and direct connection between function unit and decorative part
ensures permanently reliable and precise operation.

BLUECLICK concealed collar fixing
BLUECLICK concealed collar fixing

BLUETUNE concealed collars

Unique: the BLUETUNE angle adjustment

Tile joint and concealed collar not parallel? With HANSABLUEBOX not a problem.
Readjust up to 3.5° in every direction and keep your customer satisfied.
Unique and standard.

Perfect ergonomics

Function, ergonomics and design of the control elements are perfectly harmonised.

BLUETUNE concealed collars
BLUETUNE concealed collars