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Do you have any questions on possible applications of the new HANSABLUEBOX? Here you will find answers on installation, function units, trim kits or the large range of adapters. Find out how BLUETUNE, BLUESWITCH or BLUECLICK can help you to get perfect results and satisfied customers

No, the UP systems HANSABLUEBOX and HANSAVAROX are not compatible.

The 8000 0000 installation unit can be mounted in the wall at any location. In the case of UP units with stopcock, the water connections must be attached to the connections on the stopcocks.

Yes, by means of our unique BLUETUNE adapter that comes as standard, the angle can be adjusted through +_ 3.6 degrees by rotation of the function unit. No incorrect setting should actually occur outside this wide range.

Yes, with the extension set 59 914 182 by 15 mm. A maximum of two extension sets can be used.

Yes, with the conversion adapter 59 914 184, the hot and cold water inlets can be replaced in all trim kits.

Yes, with the conversion adapter 59 914 184, the outlets can be replaced in all trim kits.

Yes, the adapter is inserted between the base plate and function unit and increases the installation height by 15 mm.

The function units (included in the prefabricated sets for all HANSA|LIVING and HANSA|HOME series) beginning with article number “8xxxx xxxx” fit perfectly with the HANSABLUEBOX installation unit

Alignment pins are mounted on the front of the box. These are designed to support a spirit level. The use of the HANSAMATRIX installation rail 4405 0000 is also highly practical. You can also perfectly align the wall connection elbows with the rail’s 25mm fixing interval.

As the new ceramic BLUESWITCH diverter operates independently of water pressure, it remains in its most recent position. This can be clearly identified, functions reliably with changing pressures and is practical to operate. By the way, the valve itself is identical to the diverter/volume control of the thermostat. Basically, this can be considered as a standard diverter/volume control.

In this case, the cover plate can be fitted with an extension. Article number for round cover plates (170 mm): 59 914 191. Article number for square cover plates (150 x 150): 59 914 192 The minimum possible installation depth is 60 mm.

Yes, the valve is normally closed in the middle position. The water flow is opened and controlled by turning the valve. By the way, the valve itself is identical to the diverter and thus very easily maintained

The O-ring and locking spindle can be replaced, not however the O-Ring ball.

The new BLUECLICK system fixes the screwless concealed collar especially securely via six flush fixing points on the concealed collar mounting. This is directly bolted to the installation unit. This ensures secure fixing even over joints.

Via the universal BLUEFIX installation system, the HANSABLUEBOX can be mounted directly on all substrates, all installation systems or on the HANSAMATRIX rail. The additional fixing ring provides extension options or can be used to fix the box directly to the wall.

The HANSABLUEBOX can be easily aligned via the resting points for a spirit level, furthermore, the HANSABLUEBOX can be mounted on the matrix rail so that several components can be installed with great precision.

A wide clearance of 75 to 105mm is available as standard and with accessories this can be extended from 60 to 135mm.

The connections are deliberately mounted to the front so that installation is simplified and insulation according to standards can be easily implemented.

All HANSABLUEBOX lever mixers or thermostats with diverters, volume control and combined volume control/diverter come with the new BLUESWITCH. The set function is clearly indicated and what is more the function is assured independently of pressure.

The guide grooves in the installation range from 75 to 105mm facilitate precise cutting to length of the box and help visualise the installation adjustment range so that the installation height can be calculated.

HANSABLUEBOX 8000 0000 has four 1/2" connections (90° rotationally symmetric), HANSABLUEBOX 8001 0000 with stopcock has four 3/4" connections (180° rotationally symmetric)

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