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Tip of the month

Always something new to discover. Every month we report to you about practical experience in installation, assembly or service of the new HANSABLUEBOX.

The installation of concealed systems belongs to the standard repertoire of the trade. However, clever detailed solutions can simplify, speed up and safeguard the installation process.

Everyone has their favorite screws and every installation is different. The flexible BLUEFIX system is compatible with all variations. This means that you can safely fix the box on every surface – be it brickwork or a pre-wall system.

Supplying the water:
The current trend is towards square rosettes and these require absolute dimensional accuracy. For this purpose, we have integrated 2 extra-wide points of support for the spirit level into the body. The new body also fits the HANSAMATRIX mounting rail. If something goes wrong: the BLUETUNE alignment function for tile joints is a standard feature.

Marking circle sectors:
If you want to install HANSABLUEBOX into lightweight cardboard or plasterboard: simply push in the cap with the stable mandrel and you will already have marked the center point. The diameter of HANSABLUEBOX is 110mm.

Cutting the box to length:
The material of the box is more stable than you think. We have thus added structural gills around the area of the installation depth. So gently cut with a knife and ensure above all that you do this neatly at tile level.

Flushing/pressure testing:
It is obligatory to flush and pressure test the pipes after installation. This can be done effortlessly with the integrated rinsing plug. In the process, two openings are always locked/closed.


There are fundamentally two functional principles when it comes to diverters: on the one hand, the hydraulic diverter, common to exposed fittings; on the other hand, the ceramic version, as they are mainly used in shutters. The debate on which is the better system often becomes heated. However, there are a good deal of practical reasons in favor of a ceramic solution:

Pressure independence
No matter what the pressure ratios are in the system, the ceramic diverter reliably distinguishes between shower and bath.

The positioning of the lever clearly indicates in which direction the water will flow when turned on. The absence of automatic resetting is quick to get used to.

A turning motion is possible practically without any effort or coordination; pulling or pushing is less intuitive here.

Premium quality
Ceramic discs work precisely and reliably over a long period of time.

For these reasons, we opted for a ceramic diverter for the new HANSABLUBOX. Two more properties provide additional advantages:

All products have this diverter
No matter for which model with shutter/diverter you opt. With the HANSABLUEBOX, you will get a standard, top-class ceramic solution. For more comfort and consulting expertise.

One part for all versions
No matter whether diverter or shutter: the new concealed system works with a component across all versions. Safe for the customer, comfortable for you.


Final mounting should be as quick and as uncomplicated as possible, because, in construction for example, time savings are worth hard cash.

The most time-consuming part is normally the connection between the concealed body and the diverter or shutter, because, in addition to the connection, the right position must also be found for the adjustment and the installation depth of the box must be considered.

HANSABLUEBOX makes this easier for you.  The ceramic BLUESWITCH diverter and the operating unit are connected by means of a telescope, which spans the entire installation depth and independently adjusts itself to the correct depth upon connection.

Cumbersome measuring and cutting to length of the connection part are thus no longer necessary.

The second task also becomes effortless: the correct positioning of the two functional parts – spindle and diverter. Simply rotate the area of the toothless spindle to approx. 10 o’clock (single lever mixers) or 12 o’clock (thermostats). Then insert the telescope and swivel the diverter across the entire operating path. In the process, the toothing will automatically lock into the correct position. 

HANSABLUEBOX tip December:

Streamlined, minimalist design and hence also square concealed collars are the trend right now. But what to do if the unit is not aligned with 100% accuracy or if the tile layer did not work precisely? Even a few degrees out are very noticeable. Trouble with the customer is then inevitable. Not with the new HANSABLUEBOX.

Unique and standard detail on all HANSABLUEBOX trim kits with volume control/diverter: Die BLUETUNE alignment feature. Thanks to the easily integrated adapter, you gain around 7° play for the function unit. No drilling, no improvisation, no risk and highly professional. Align the concealed collar and tile joint exactly parallel to one another – an option that you soon won’t want to do without. For more customer satisfaction. For greater professionalism.

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